AmScope PS25 Slide SetThe AmScope PS25 Prepared Microscope Slide Set is a fantastic gift that will keep kids engaged for hours. So if you have a young, budding scientist in your family or you’d just like to encourage child to explore the world around him or her, then the AmScope PS25 Prepared Microscope Slide Set is just the right Christmas gift.

On the list of hot toys, this slide set contains 25 prepared slides with a wide variety of specimens, including plants, animal tissue and insects.

Perfect for a starter set, these 25 slides give a broad view of the many types of materials that one can view under a microscope.

The slides are packaged in a quality wooden box with sturdy hinges and a clasp, so you can expect these slides to be safely stored away again and again for long-term use.

Some of the slides include parts of bees and even cross-section of various parts of animals including dogs, pigs and rabbits, plant materials and even human blood.

You can be sure that kids will love the ability to learn about organisms and parts of life that are ordinarily invisible to the naked eye.

The AmScope PS25 is a perfect starter set because it’s interesting and diverse, giving a nice variety of items to choose from. And it’s just the right size to encourage kids to explore and to learn more about other organisms and the parts that make up a whole.

Not only will kids enjoy these slides, they’re also perfect for teachers and parents of homeschooled children. So if you know a teacher who would welcome a microscope this makes it one more item to check off on your gift list.

The AmScope slide set can be used with virtually any kind of microscope, even inexpensive ones, so if you already own a microscope you’re all set. If not, you can check out any of these AmScope microscopes.

Whether low or high-powered, the slides will be visible and the materials on the slide will be easily visible and easy to locate. The slides are well made, created with optical glass so that they are nicely visible. In addition, each slide is individually labeled so that your child will know exactly what they are viewing without having to refer to another sheet or other index.

If you haven’t purchased a microscope, AmScope also sells quite a few, highly-rated ones of varying strengths. The glass has smooth edges, which prevents any kind of cuts when handling them.

Because curiosity for science and the world around us begins early and never really ends, these slides are great for a variety of age groups.

Kids from elementary to high school and beyond will enjoy occupying themselves with the AmScope PS25 Prepared Microscope Slide Set while learning. And if they’re curious about the world, they’ll appreciate the gift even more.

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