Every child will feel just like the real Moana after putting on this stunningly detailed two piece costume. The Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit is a beautiful replica of the island styled clothing that Moana wears in the movie.

In the movie, Moana is a vivacious, courageous young girl who is struggling to figure out her strengths and place in her Island society.

However, when her island is threatened by a dark and mysterious energy, Moana disobeys her father who forbids her to sail beyond the safety of the reef and sets sail on a journey to return the stolen jeweled Heart to Te Fiti in order to save her family, her people and her Island.

Along the way, she manages to persuade the mischievous demi-god Maui to accompany her and together, they encounter numerous challenges and must figure out how to work together as a team to overcome all the obstacles along their journey.

The tenacious Moana displays remarkable, perseverance, and determination and along the way, learns about herself, the history of her people and finds the answers that she’s been searching for her whole life. A wonderfully courageous story for your young child to recreate in this gorgeous Moana costume!

The Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit is a beautiful replica of the island styled clothing that Moana wears in the movie.

  • The printed top features the unique prints and has two clear straps to ensure that it stays in place for the entire duration your child is embarking on her Moana adventure while pretend playing.
  • The double layered skirt has an elastic waist and is beautifully detailed with small cut-outs and tassels on the outer layer, and a delicate fringe hangs from the bottom on the inner layer to give the outfit the genuine Moana look.
  • A sash that matches the top is tied around the top of the skirt and completes that authentic Moana look.
  • Together the top and skirt make for a high quality outfit that is perfect for pretend playing, to wear to a Moana themed party, and gives you great value for money.

The Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit is recommended for young Moana adventurers aged between three to six years old, and it is labeled size 4-6x, or for a child sized S.

This is the perfect addition for any girl’s dress-up wardrobe – she will love dressing up in this and performing the many charming Moana songs and acting the part of the beautiful heroine Moana and re-creating the story over and over again.

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