hasbro connect 4 gameHasbro Connect 4 game  is a fun, strategic two-person game where you must get 4 discs in a row first to win. One person chooses the red discs while the other person chooses the yellow discs.

The game comes with a grid, two legs, a slider bar, twenty one red discs, twenty one yellow discs, and instructions. Connect 4 may come with extra discs just in case you lose a few.

Connect 4 comes in two sizes: full size and travel size, so you can buy either depending on what you are looking for.

This game is like tic-tac-toe, but more interactive and hands-on. Children can challenge their parents and win, boosting their self-confidence. This is a classic game, and since understanding English to play it isn’t required, you can play with people of all nationalities!

Connect 4 develops critical thinking, counting, and strategic skills, so children will develop as they play. Children will love this game and keep playing it for years, so this is a great gift for home or school.

For younger children like babies or toddlers, this game can be used to develop motor skills, color logic, and cause and effect. Connect 4 is easy to setup and cleanup, and game is designed well so that it holds all of the chips in place. With this fun and simple game, you never know who will win.

Children love playing this game because it is easy to understand, it is always different, and they can win against parents. This game can spark a good competitive spirit in children and the children will learn strategy over time and greatly improve. This game is like tic-tac-toe, but better, because it lasts longer and there is more competition.

More strategy and development is involved with Connect 4 than other games like tic-tac-toe. Children of all ages will love this game. Parents will also love playing this game with their children, as they may have played it when they were younger. This a great throwback classic for all ages, even younger children if they understand tic-tac-toe. The pieces aren’t extremely small, but for younger children, parental supervision is required.

Connect 4 game is a great board game gift idea for any child. It is fun for parents, also, since it is a classic game and many parents will find it a bit familiar since they likely will have played similar games themselves as children. This is a simple and easy to understand game which can develop strategy, critical thinking, and boost self-confidence in all children as they improve.


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