hatchimals twinsHatchimals Surprise Twins is the very latest offering from the makers of the ever growing line of Hatchimal products.

Now, instead of one Hatchimal popping out of the egg, there are two.

That’s right. Hatchimals now come in twins for double the excitement and double the fun!

The egg is, of course, a bit bigger – it needs to hold twice the surprise inside.

To help it hatch, it will need to be held, tapped, and rubbed and loved by your little one – then the egg will respond with adorable little sounds and glowing eyes. When the eyes glow with rainbow colors, you know the moment for hatching has come.

The first twin will tap and push hard until the egg shell cracks open and your child will be able to pull out the first Hatchimal, and then its twin. From there on, the fun continues – your child will need to learn how to raise their Hatchimal twins through all the stages of development from infant to toddler to a fully developed Hatchimal kid.

Each stage has exciting new developments for the child to discover. The bonus of having Hatchimal Surprise twins is that unlike single Hatchimals, the twins are able to interact with each other and love playing games together.

Hatchimals Twins EggEach one has its own unique personality that your kid will love discovering! One twin may love fluttering its wings and dancing, while the other enjoys singing.

What can be more fun that having two little magical creatures to play with! You can teach the twins how to talk – all you have to do is press the little creature’s head and tell it whatever you want it to say. The Hatchimal will say it back in a melodious, tinkling voice.

There are four captivating Hatchimal Surprises to collect:

1. Zuffins
2. Puppadees
3. Giravens
4. Peacats

Each delightful creature is a blend of two animals. For instance, the Giraven is a charming critter with a giraffe face and raven wings.

The colors of the Hatchimal Surprise twins comes in an amazing host of different combinations that your child will love – pink with gold sparkle specks, blue with gold trimmings, even one that is a beautiful swirl of pink and purple tye-dye.

Each box comes with one Hatchimal Surprise egg, instruction booklet and a reference guide. Everything your child needs for hours of fun and enjoyment.

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