Spin Master LTD has mixed the fun of a toy with the anticipation of a surprise with their new toy line of Hatchimals — one of the top Christmas toys found on Walmart’s 25 Hottest Toys for 2016 list. So if you want to buy Hatchimals, get an early start. hatchimalspengualas-egg-477x335buy hatchimal now to avoid disappointment




And if there’s one thing that all kids love, it’s getting a surprise. When you add that to a toy, it’s bound to create a fun, learning experience as is the case with the Hatchimal toys. So you can bet Hatchimal egg will be high on the list of kids’ Christmas toys.

What is a Hatchimal?

Reminiscent of the Furby (but without the egg), a Hatchimal is a fuzzy interactive pet that comes in an egg.

There are different “species” of Hatchimals:

Bearakeet Hatchimals

bearakeet hatchimal
Hatchimals Bearakeet








Hatchimals Burtle
Burtle Hatchimals








Hatchimals Draggles
















Pengualas Hatchimals egg
Pengualas Hatchimals








So how much do Hatchimals cost?

When they first hit the store shelves, the cost of Hatchimals was anywhere between $50 – $60. However, as of early November, when they’re now out of stock in many stores, you can only imagine the prices across the board.  Shoppers will get sticker shock when they see the cost of Hatchimals now.

Prices have hit anywhere from $100+ to $200+.  You know what they say about supply and demand.  Though the Hatchimals folks say they have increased production, they’re not expecting another batch until February 2017.  Consumer response to the toy has been “extraordinary,” they say.

They’re flying off the shelves so…

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How does the Hatchimal egg hatch?

Once the Hatchimal egg has gone through the play incubation period, it will hatch. To do this, the child rubs the egg for about 30 minutes, then it will start to show a magical glow and the shell will begin to crack and the toy will peek through the crack.

However, what hatches is anyone’s guess. Your child won’t know what’s inside his or her egg until it’s actually revealed during the hatching phase. Not every single Hatchimal egg toy is identical. So there will be a lot of different variations that your child can get.

Initially, the details for the toy were kept under tight wraps to prevent spoiling the surprise of what’s inside. But it’s clear that the Hatchimal egg your child will hatch will be one that he or she will definitely love.

Check for in stock Hatchimals

hatchimalspengualas-girl-egg-303x408What’s exciting about this new toy from Spin Master LTD is that the hatchable toy will be one of their popular interactive ones – which is always a great idea for children.

The more interactive a toy is, the more your child discovers and improves his various skills. And having a hatching egg toy will provide hours of fun for kids.

The different Hatchimal hatchables are said to be able to have learning abilities and be able to grow with your child. From what’s known so far, the Hatchimals toys will feature a few different modes representing learning.

This learning stage will shape the actions of each of the individual Hatchimal egg. To wipe the slate clean, all you have to do is reset the toy so that it goes back to the factory settings.

The Hatchimal toys are durable and created using a mixture of materials such as metal and plastic. The recommended age level for the toys are 5 years old and older.

Dont’ forget: The Furby is a great option if you can’t get your hands on the Hatchimals.

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