Feel like hugging softness? Then any stuffed animal in the line of a Jellycat toy fits the bill.

Jellycat stuffed animal
Jellycat Bunny

You’ll be competing with your child for this one. It’s like putting your arms around a bundle of clouds. You’ll want to keep on hugging any one of these irresistible Jellycat toys.

These cuddly, soft toys were created by Jellycat and range from the Jellycat bunny animals, baby toys, and Jellycat board books.

Not familiar with Jellycat toys? Then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. They’re the floppiest, softest cuddly critters you can ever imagine.

Jellycats made it to Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things List this year. So more than likely, the Jellycat stuffed animals will be a top toy for Christmas.

Jellycat monkey
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Monkey


You’ll absolutely love and want to own them all. But here’s a rundown of some of the more popular ones.

There are toys for baby’s first Christmas, soft toys for newborns, toys for friends in a rainbow of colors and shapes.

jellycat baby rabber
Jellycat Grabber

There’s a menagerie of Jellycat soft animals ranging from dogs and puppies, cute and ready to be hugged, needing as much loving as you do–

lions, cats and kittens, monkeys, giraffe, bears.


Of course, we can’t leave out the birds and farmyard animals. And for the quirky, lets’ not forget the bugs and beasts.


Jellycat activity toy
Jellycat Owl Activity Toy

The baby toys range from soft soothers (which is a soft blanket attached to the soft animal), rattles, stroller toys, activity toys, chimes, musical pulls, soft boards and more.

Jellycat bashful tulip puppy chime
Jellycat Bashful Puppy Chime

These are all perfect for newborns, babies and toddlers, in classic colors of blue for boys, pink for girls and stripe, multi-colors in between.

Then there are the Jellycat soft books–tail books and board books.

Jellycat soft books
Jellycat Soft Book


Baby just has to touch, look and listen to these charming, entertaining books; they’re bound to keep your baby engaged and entertained for quite a while.

The simply cuddly soft toys can be found in many shapes, colors and sizes.

There’s the Mad Pets, Snagglebaggles, Bashfuls, Dressed to Impress and more.

Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lion
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lion


The Jellycat line of soft toys also caters to the oddities. So there are the Fuddlewuddles. “Fluffy as whipped cream,” Jellycat says.

The spikey-haired lion and friends are just waiting around to be hugged, stroked and cuddled.

Jellycat Smiling Dinosaur
Jellycat Toothy T-Rex

The Jellycat Toothys  smiles all day long–just to cheer you up, hoping you’ll part with a quick (or not so quick if you prefer) hug. Seeing their smile sure will improve anyone’s day (especially if you’re having a particularly bad one).

Whacky describes the fun-loving, strange looking line of Jellycat stuffed animals. There’s alien Bob (not original a name, is it?), alien Bib (cute) and the wild thing elephant, wild thing lion and wild thing frog.

Hip, humorous and simply fun, the Jellycat toys will undoubtedly bring a lot of fun and just good feeling when you give a big hug. You’ll likely get a hug in return when you give one of these lovable, sumptuous Jellycat stuffed animal as a gift.

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