K’NEX Education – STEM Explorations is the perfect gift for kids who love to design, engineer, and build. They will love the K’NEX Education STEM Explorations: Swing Ride Building Set.

This building kit with 486 colorful pieces is recommended for children ages 8 and up. It includes gears, connectors, rods, and a motor that requires two AA batteries, which can be used to build and power structures.

With this kit, children can build a fully functioning swing ride, a boom ride, and a ferris wheel. Those three experiments are very hands-on and are based on solving problems. All have instructions, and include descriptions of the different pieces required.

When children use this kit with friends, it’s even more fun, and it helps children develop teamwork skills.

With the building set, students in grades 5-9 will learn about several scientific concepts such as how mass affects speed and how to gear up and gear down.

  • The K’NEX Swing Ride Building Set is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) based, and works with a child’s creativity and curiosity.
  • For teachers, there’s a guide which can help them create lesson plans with the K’NEX kit.
  • For students, there’s an experiment guide so that the students can create the projects.

The guides are made by expert educators and are perfect for STEAM/STEM classrooms because they are aligned with many national educational standards.

STEM Explorations Swing Ride Set

Some of those standards are ITEEA, Common Core, NSES, NGSS, and NCTM. Since real-world learning in STEM subjects better helps children learn, K’NEX kits present real-world engineering tasks for children to build and think about.

Children can build without the instructions, letting their creativity and ideas take shape, or they can use the directions, which include explanations of the STEM concepts behind the projects.

Unlike certain other building kits, the K’NEX Swing Riding Set comes with

  • curved rods
  • connectors, gears, and even a motor, meaning children can build more varied and diverse projects.

Children from age 8 and up who have an interest in STEAM will love this K’NEX kit, because it helps them learn and express themselves. It may inspire them to pursue STEAM subjects, or kindle a new interest in them.

The K’NEX STEM Swing Riding Set can build a child’s confidence, because they can build successful structures using the directions, or this can give them confidence in their own ideas.

All children, especially young ones, will be hooked on creating more and more structures. The kids will improve and learn as they build more and will develop a better understanding of the mechanics behind the K’NEX STEM Swing Ride structures.

This holiday season, the K’NEX Education STEM Explorations Swing Ride Building Set kit is certainly sure to be a hit for any kid who loves hand-on exploration paired with creativity.

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