One of the newer and exciting toys that the company, My Life, has released is the My Life As Food Truck. Not only will this set encourage young children in a world of play, but it can also inspire them to become budding entrepreneurs.

My Life is a company that creates My Life As 18-inch dolls along with their many accessories. The company is very in tune to creating toys that represent a wide variety of people. You can find wheelchair accessories right along with their clothing options for the dolls.

Recently, the company created and released the 18-inch male dolls. These toys are ones that both boys and girls love to play with. Parents enjoy them because the toys encourage real life play and using a child’s imagination.My Life As 18" Food Truck

The My Life As Food Truck is large with bright pink color, and has two long mirrors on either side at the front. There’s a pink and white striped awning that’s fitted above the serving window where an 18-inch doll (sold separately) can wait on the customers.The doll can fit comfortably in the front seat or stand.

The accessories include an ice cream scoop that even has the little release lever. And there are plenty of snacks, food and sweet treats to play with.

The My Life doll for the food truck can sell ice cream treats that are in cones or are served as sundaes.

The dolls can hold onto an ice cream cone with one hand and the scoop with the other to make it look as if she’s really scooping out the treat. The food truck also comes with tasty foods such as tacos or pretzels.

My Life Food TruckFor more filling food items, hamburgers or hotdogs are available, too. Condiments to go along with the food is included and so are bottles of drinks. Utensils needed to prepare the food such as a spatula also comes with the truck.

The window area does have a ledge outside of it so that the doll can sit the treats the customers are waiting for on that.

The doll can fit into the back of the truck to serve her customers and your child won’t have to try and wiggle the doll in the window.

My Life As 18″ Food Truck toy opens at the rear for easily putting the doll in and there’s room for her to stand. Shelves are fixed to the inside of the truck for easily storing the accessories and there are a lot of them.

There are more than 40 different accessory pieces that come with the purchase. The doll can also fit behind the steering wheel of the truck and drive away, thanks to the wheels that easily roll across most surfaces.

There’s not much assembly required for the My Life As Food Truck toy, but you’ll have to attach the decals in various places on the truck. You and you child no doubt will enjoy doing this together. Remember: The dolls are sold separately.

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