Nintendo Switch systemYes, there are plenty of video game systems to choose from, and, especially among the big three, it can be a tough call which to pick. But recently, Nintendo upped the game with the Nintendo Switch console.

Rather than focus on their always popular portable gaming systems, like the GameBoy, remake their motion-sensitive Wii, or developing new home gaming systems to compete with the PS4 and XBOX ONE, Nintendo decided to innovate.

And so the Nintendo Switch was born and is now one of the hot 2017 Christmas toys.

Officially it has three playing modes: the conventional TV mode, the conventional portable mode, and a mode in which you can prop it on a table to play if you don’t have TV.

But within these modes there are loads of ways of using it creatively. For example…

  •  You can sync up to eight Nintendo Switch consoles if your kids and their friends want to play together in co-op or multiplayer games.
  • You can slip the Joy-Con handheld devices out, allowing two people to play on this console at once. And both these controllers have motion-sensitivity enabled, making them great for playing a wide range of games. And this versatility is precisely what makes it a great gift for kids of all ages.
  • The Joy-Con is also innovative in that it operates with HD rumble, a new, advanced motion-sensor system which stimulates the skin of your hands perfectly to make it feel as though you were really there. It doesn’t just vibrate when in use, but it actually feels pretty real.
  • And it has its own inbuilt camera, so you don’t have to always be getting close to the main console and waving.
  • You can use hand signals in front of the Joy-Con cameras to play games.
  • And, just like with the Wii, there are attachments such as wrist straps or steering wheels, for easy gameplay with your Joy-Con.

It can be hard, in a time and age when every toy seems to have a single specialized purpose, where most things do not live up to their advertising, and where kids are always hopping from one thing to the next, to make a good investment in a toy.

You never know how long your kid will spend playing with anything you get them. Videogame consoles are a great solution to this concern, as you know your kids will spend a lot of time on it. But if you’re concerned about their activity levels and social lives, a cooperative and portable set is a perfect choice.

What’s more, because the Nintendo Switch is an all in one console, it saves you the trouble of buying three different systems: one for motion-sensitive games, one portable one, and one for conventional gaming.

This not only saves money and space on systems, but is also very convenient in terms of the games your children will play. No longer will they be so absorbed in a game that it’s impossible to get them out the door: now they can bring the game with them, and carry on playing it outside, in the car, or split the controller and play with their friends.

There is a pretty good variety of games you can play on this console too, so its variety of features and functions will not go wasted. In short, this is a brilliant gaming console to give a kid for Christmas this year.

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