Playtime is now more fun than ever with the growing popularity of interactive toys. And Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshal is one of the hottest interactive toys on the list of top Christmas toys this year that you can buy for your child.

These are among the top selling toys because they’re fun, have a high replay value and are educational.Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall

Moving and acting like a real puppy, this Paw Patrol rescue pup stands ready to engage in a selection of 80 different missions and tricks. This toy has the same mannerisms and personality as the character from the show. While your child is interacting with the toy, he can make more than 150 different sounds.

Zoomer puppy is so smart that he can interact with your child using phrases as well. Kids will delight in hearing both the theme from the show as well as the Pup Pup Boogie. To get the puppy to speak the multitude of phrases, all your child has to do is push the dog’s head and he’s ready to go.

Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall PuppyWhen there’s a mission to perform, kids can utilize the water cannons that pup carries on his back and by launching them, complete a variety of rescues.

However, some reviewers recommend exercising caution when using the “water” because it’s made of hard plastic so could hurt someone if aimed directly at them.  Still, whether he’s racing to help a friend or putting out fires, Zoomer Marshall Paw Patrol puppy will give your child plenty of long lasting fun.

Not only can the dog speak, but it can also walk and even spin around all by himself. When you want the puppy to follow along after you, all you have to do is use a hand gesture.

pawpatrolzoomermarshall-box417x380If you feel the volume on the dog is too loud, there is a button that you can use to lower the sound as well as power him off. Your child will be delighted at how lifelike the toy is. Thanks to the internal sensors, he’s attuned to motion – so all your child has to do is to make a hand gesture and the puppy will follow right along.

Moving from fast to slow, Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall can show off with one action or trick after another as he hams it up and does what he does best.

He can walk on flat surfaces as well as carpeted ones although some people say that it’s better on hardwood floors.  Still, it does function on carpets. It’s just that rolling on it can get caught up in the shaggy carpet–not so much on flat, lower carpets.

One attractive feature of this toy and what a lot of parents like is that Zoomer can be operated without having to have an additional remote control. This makes the toy easier for younger kids to be able to use.avoiddisappointment Zoomer puppy dog is able to move around well on his own and if he runs into an obstacle or gets trapped, he will back up and go around the obstacle or in another direction.

The recommended age for this toy is  three years old and up. While it comes assembled, it does require AA batteries to get started which are sold separately. Along with the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall, you get the water cannons and an instruction book with your purchase.

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