Shopkins toys, particularly the latest addition to the collectibles, Chef Club miniatures, will undoubtedly be one of the top toys for Christmas this year.

Shopkins Chef ClubIn a surprise move, Moose Toys has released the latest season of Shopkins characters earlier than was initially announced.

The new line of Shopkins characters that have emerged just in time for the Christmas holidays are a bunch of fun figures — miniatures of general grocery items such as bananas, sausage, bottle of juice that you’ll find at the store–all decorated with fun faces.

Characters from the Shopkins Bakery Team and The Chef’s Club (Season 6 Chef Club consist primarily of food items and recipes) are popular from their video series. They include Vicki Vanilla, Birthday Betty, Cara Carrot Cake, Melissa Milk, Mini Muffin.

Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club figures are available in a five-pack, 12-pack as well as the mega pack which contains 20 Shopkins collectibles. Each Shopkins character represents a scrumptious recipe.

  • The 5-pack consists of:
    • 4 Shopkins characters plus one blind bag (A blind bag is where you buy a toy pack, not knowing which characters are inside the bag.)








  • When you buy the 12-pack you’ll get:
    • 10 Shopkins and 2 blind bags:



  • The Chef Club Shopkins Mega Pack consists of:
    • 20 Chef Club Shopkins and 4 recipe books


Kids can make breakfast meals; bake sweet desserts; cook dinners– all to share with the family. They sure will have fun cooking up banquet-like meals.

Never heard of Shopkins? Well, Moose Toys’ the line of Shopkins toys caters primarily to girls aged six to 10 years old and have been steadily growing their audience. The small plastic toy collectibles range from food items–tiny burgers– to jewelry and dolls.

Fast becoming the hottest craze in toy collectibles, the short, entertaining cartoon Shopkins’ videos are very popular on YouTube. The phenomenal success of their series has propelled them to become very competitive in toy world.

So not surprisingly, their newest addition of Chef Club miniatures to the best toys 2016 Christmas list will be very popular so it’s best to shop early.

Now, you know just how much kids look forward to opening that Christmas gift. And if by chance, Shopkins is on their wish list, you surely don’t want to see any look of disappointment when the desired gift is not in that box.

If you’d like to consider the Shopkins dolls, check out some of the more popular ones.

Shopkins Shoppies Jessicake


They  include memorable Jessicake, Pamcake, Bubbleisha, Peppa-Mint, Cara-Carrot Cake to name a few.

Shopkins Pam Cake Doll
Shopkins Pam Cake Doll


Every little girl with fall in love with any of these cute characters.

Shopkins Peppa-Mint Doll
Shopkins Peppa-Mint Doll








Still, whether you opt for the Shopkins dolls or any other Shopkins collectibles, remember: If you don’t shop early, you’ll get caught up in the frantic rush to get one for your daughter (or son). You surely don’t want to see tear-filled eyes of disappointment when there are no Shopkins toys under the Christmas tree.


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