Sphero BB-8 DroidFor all the Stars Wars BB-8 Droid fans, the Sphero BB-8 App Enabled Droid toy will bring the Star Wars movies to life in the most intriguing way.

It’s no secret among Star Wars fans that the biggest star of “Star Wars:The Force Awakens” was the adorable robot, BB-8 Droid.

With its sleek, spherical robotic body, coupled with the sweet curved head that is magnetic and rotates 360 degrees, it captured the imagination of every Star Wars fan.

The toy is a small and surprisingly manageable sized droid, but is trendy and versatile enough to captivate a wide range of children (and adults) from the age of 8 to 80!

The first thing you notice is that the packaging is slick and reminiscent of Apple products. When the BB-8 is out of the box, your first impression will be that it looks like a great miniature version of the original.

This is because the BB-8 is made of durable plastic, and is slick and well finished.

To get it going, all you need to do is

  • set up the remote, which is done by downloading an app onto your phone or tablet.

Your device will connect with the droid and its touch screen will act as the remote. That’s it! BB-8 Droid and you are ready to roll!

  • Charging the droid is just as easy.

It comes with a convenient induction charging stand that gives your BB-8 an hour long battery life.

As you teach the BB-8 to play with you, it will quickly become much more than a cool gizmo – it will be a companion.

  • The droid will learn to recognize your voice and respond to it in expressive and adorable BB-8 sounds.
  • With its camera that records augmented reality messages, the little creature will record and display cool, holographic videos.

Like the original BB-8, this one can exert its independence too.

  • It goes on patrols on its own and moves quite freely around the room.

The cute noises it makes and the way it behaves, all give off the air of a creature with a will of its own.

  • What is more, over time, its behavior will evolve as you play with it – all of which makes this a super cool friend.

Whether you are a huge Star Wars fan or simply looking for a fun toy, this droid is slick, stylish and techy, and is one of the best interactive robot toys out there. Everyone in the family, including your pet, will love the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid.

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