If you’re a fan of Star Wars and their droids, then you’ll treat your child (or even yourself) to the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid. It promises to be one of the top Christmas toys this year. And if you love droids, then this is the one you’re looking for.

From the successful movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, BB-8 is an app-enabled droid and is simply awesome. You’ll enjoy your time with the BB-8 Droid as much as you did watching it frolic around in the movie, which is why it’s on the list of top kids’ toys.

Sphero BB-8 DroidavoiddisappointmentCute and entertaining to watch, the droid’s personality adapts and changes as you play with it. It reacts to your commands and even displays a range of expressions.

You can set it to patrol and just sit back and watch it quickly scurries along autonomously–doing as you wish, patrolling.

You can guide your BB-8 droid’s authentic movement with your Smartphone or tablet. Simply connect to the app and watch your BB-8 toy come to life. Then you slide your finger on the driving pad and this action will send BB-8 with its free-moving domed head out rolling around, exploring its surroundings. It will even record and view holographic messages.

BB-8 DroidThe BB-8 Sphero droid is really more than just a toy. With its autonomous behavior, it can be your companion.

It reacts and responds to your voice and seems to have a mind of its own, purports Sphero. And with its adaptive personality, it evolves as you interact with it so you’ll surely never be bored with this ever evolving companion.

This feature of the droid has provided mixed reviews. Some owners were disappointed in the limited number of preset commands.

Still, with the droid, you can record and view virtual holographic messages and videos with your Sphero BB-8 Droid. However, these are displayed on your Smartphone, not on any open, blank space (like a wall). Or you can create your own adventure, guide BB-8 and record accordingly. How cool is that?

User friendly and packed with hours of fun, the Star Wars BB-8 Droid is a realistic-looking miniature version of BB-8 from the movie. One of the top kids’ toys, BB-8 Droid is one cool tech gadget that’s a perfect Christmas gift, especially if you’re into Star Wars enthusiast or Star Wars memorabilia collector.

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