What Time Of Year Is It? It’s Holiday Barbie Time!

Yes, it’s Holiday Barbie 2021 time of year. Every year, there are gifts that sell out quickly because they’re considered hot items. Arguably, Barbie dolls fall at the top of almost every girl’s Christmas wish list.

Now, it’s just about time to break out those holiday decorations and get busy ordering gifts for the people on your list. And getting the Barbie Signature 2021 is likely to be a top priority for Barbie enthusiasts.

You’ll find that many of these gifts sell out because they’re part of a tradition in some families. Giving the Holiday Barbie as a gift is one of these traditions.

For many Christmases, people have given these dolls and each year these toys become beloved collectibles for kids and adults alike. Many people buy each of these holiday dolls as soon as they’re released, so they don’t miss out. As time goes by, these toys are passed down from generation to generation.

As is the tradition, Barbie is dressed for the holiday celebrations. These Barbie dolls are always gorgeously dressed and presented, and the 2021 Holiday Barbie version is no exception.

• This is the same 12-inch doll as the rest in the holiday collection.

Signature 2021 Barbie
Holiday Barbie 2021 / Amazon
Holiday Barbie 2021 / Amazon











From the moment you first see this year’s Barbie Signature, it shows the heart of Christmas starting with the beautiful gown the doll is dressed in. It’s immediately eye-catching with its glitter and silver shimmering sparkles.

Holiday Barbie 2021 / Amazon

• The gown is designed in a way that makes it sparkle in or out of light.

• It’s easy to see that the clothing is reflecting the glitter of the season from all sides.

• The gown is floor length with a full skirt.

• It has touches of tulle around the waist that makes it look even wider.

• It has a bit of the netting at the sleeves that hang off the shoulders.

• But underneath that, there are the silver straps, which secure the top of the gown.

• The shining bodice is metallic and comes designed with gemstones that are a sculpted part of the design.


This Holiday Barbie comes with accessories like the beautiful pearl earrings that also sparkle with glamour.

• The face of the Barbie is done up in holiday makeup including the bright red lips.

• Barbie’s long blonde hair is parted on the side and styled with both waves and curls, giving the doll a look of refinement.


Not every recipient of this gift likes to store the doll on display but instead, removes the doll from the box and plays with it for hours of imaginative fun.

• As with the other dolls in the Barbie Holiday line, this one also comes in a holiday box that can be used to keep the doll if the recipient chooses to display it.

• There’s also a doll stand included as well as a certificate of authenticity, which is valued by collectors.

The Holiday Barbie doll is a suitable gift for any child at least six years old or older.

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