Top Action Figures

Action figures ultimately find themselves on kids’ Christmas lists, and finding the top action figures sometimes present a challenge for most parents. You can rely on the fact that the figures will be among the more popular ones kids will be scampering for at Christmas time.

Pokemon Action Figures
Pokemon Action Figures

Whenever a movie debuts, action figures generally come out for the characters; and those emerge as top sellers for that year, especially as the Christmas approaches.

Deadpool action figure
Batman v Superman

Whether it’s Pokemon; Deadpool; Batman v Superman;





Star Wars action figures, especially Rogue One action figures, or

Trolls action figures collection
Trolls action figures collection


Trolls movie characters, kids who love any of these movies will want to have just about any action toy from them.

Toy Story still hasn’t gone out of style; and you can usually find the Buzz Lightyear action figure on the top 100 list. Other movie heroes such as Superman and Captain America never fail to give a child delight when opening his or her Christmas gift.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Pop Action Figure
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Pop



Pop Vinyl action figures are a big hit as well these days.

Some of the best sellers in action figures are characters that have been staples in the kids’ world for years.

One good example of this is the line of Transformers toys. This year you can grab:

  • Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Bumblebee
  • Rescue Bots Hoist the Tow-Bot action figure
  • Transformers Blades the Copter-Bot or
  • Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Exclusive action figure

    Transformers Rescue Bot Bumble Bee
    Transformers Energize Bumblebee

Select any one of these Transformers action figures and you’ll hit it out of the ballpark.

Popular cartoons are also a good source of action figure ideas, especially those that have had full-length movies made.

At the top of this list is the phenomenally successful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They may be old school, but the action figures are still hot as ever, and updated to add more entertaining for the kids.  Take for example:



Pick up the Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, or Leonardo action figures that may please younger boys (some girls, too).

Don’t forget to grab Splinter while you’re at it–because this dad keeps his sons under control. You could pair this with a DVD set of the TMNT movies if your child doesn’t own it yet.

Video game characters are always wise if your child is into action figures and gaming. Video games action figures such as…

  • Super Mario Brothers are one of the most popular lines of video games there’s a set of 18 two-inch figures you can buy that include Mario and all his companions.
  • Minecraft action figures from another hugely popular video game of the same name is also another option
  • The still popular Halo video game offers Master Chief action figure to the list of action figures from video games for Christmas
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Disney Princesses
Disney Princesses


Along with any of the above, little girls who just love to have princesses may also like…

  • Disney Princess Mini-Figure play set



Selecting from the top action figures for Christmas can surely be a challenge since there’s so much to choose from. But you will love the look and sound of sheer delight when your child opens just the right Christmas gift of their favorite action figure.